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Meet the Team

Jordyn Ives is the founder and director for Fluency For Teens. She is a junior from New Jersey and is passionate about language and learning, advocacy and connecting people. She loves social media and has used her skills to grow FFT into what it is today.

I'm Laney Kang and I'm a sophomore from Naperville, Illinois. At Fluency for Teens, I serve as the marketing director. I speak Korean at home and have been learning Spanish for the past four years. I joined FFT as it is a great way to further pursue multilingualism. Outside of FFT, I train and compete in various styles of dance and play the violin!

Hi! I'm Justina and I'm the Graphic Design Lead of Fluency for Teens! I'm an 18-year old living in the Philippines who enjoys watching k-dramas and anime and loves to bullet journal during her free time. I'm fluent in two languages, and I'm trying to learn a new one when I can. 


I hope you get to learn so much from FFT and that we get to help you interact with diverse languages around the world!

Hi, I'm Claire and I'm so happy to be the VP of Fluency for Teens! I am from Texas and am currently learning Spanish, Chinese, ASL, and some Korean. I'm excited to meet all the members and make global connections!


Director: Jordan Ives


Vice Director: Claire

Marketing Director: Laney Kang

Graphic Design Lead: Justina


Social Media Director: Karina Anders

I am a current sophomore from San Francisco who is interested in biology, coding, and learning new languages. I speak Spanish fluently and I am currently learning Portuguese. 

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